1. Organization

The information of the Organization of tours and services contained in this site is made by D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda and that holds the record for the domain www.aveirotours.com.
The Office is on the business incubator of Albergaria-a-Velha, Rua Américo Martins Pereira, 3850-837 Albergaria-a-Velha, with RNAAT nº 602/2017.


  1. Contracted services

The local guides, meals, transportation service providers (e.g. buses, trains or boats) and other services necessary for the development of your activity, are organized with others entities, So, in the provision of these services, the D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda acts only as a sales agent and is not responsible for any claims against these entities resulting from actions on your behalf.


  1. Amendments

In order to ensure maximum safety, comfort and well-being of its customers in the course of the activities, the D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda reserves the right to change itineraries, time, location and transport if any weather or other situations occur, beyond the company.


  1. Complaints and refunds

Complaints and applications for reimbursement will only be considered, if a complainant wrote have been made to D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda within 5 days after service.


  1. Payment Policy

Any services, reservations must be made by email at info@aveirotours.com, or via the reservation site. Reservations will only be considered confirmed after reception of the proof of payment of the total amount of booking and sending the appropriate voucher.

Hiring services from suppliers will happen only after a good recovery of the reservation. In case of non payment of the total booking, value, on the due date, we will apply the cancellation policy and the reservation will be canceled.

The “Aveirotours” does not accept payments by cheque.

• payments by bank transfer have to be made to the IBAN PT50 0010 0000 5489401000145, with sending voucher to the email: info@aveirotours.com, mentioning the referred service and start date.


  1. Cancellation policy

Reservations will only be considered valid after they have been received, the 100% of the total value of the service, unless otherwise indicated by our company, expressed in writing.
In case of cancellation of the reservation, it will be applied the following cancellation expenses pertaining to non-reimbursable costs incurred by D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda :
• 15 to 7 days prior to the agreed date: 50% of the total amount of the reservation. (returned 50% of the total amount of the reservation)
• 6 to 1 day before the agreed date: 100% of the total amount of the reservation (nonrefundable)
The no-show by the customer at the place, day and time set for the beginning of the activity, is considered and imply the cancellation, and occurs in the total loss of the payment made, there is no room for complaint.
It is considered as no-show, delays equal to or greater than 15 (fifteen) minutes beyond the pre-established time.


  1. Changes to policy

Changes to the reservation by the customer after confirmation of same, are subject to:

  • Confirmation of availability for new dates;
  • Changing the values originally proposed.


  1. Customer’s responsibility

The client must respect the timetables set for the beginning of the activities, as well as the intermediate times defined by the Guide.
The customer is responsible for choosing a program that is appropriate for his skills, fitness and health and provide personal information in advance to the beginning of the activities.
The customer must follow the environmental and legal rules or recommendations laid down while the program take place according to the instructions of the Guide, and respect the rights and privacy of others participants in the program.
They are no refund if the customer arrives late to an activity or end earlier. , or if you do not enjoy any meal or service included in the program.
At the time of booking, the D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda should be informed of any special needs or dietary options.


  1. Other comments

D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda reserves the right to refuse to carry any person who is present under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to be a threat to the driver, the vehicle or other elements of the group.

Smoking is not permitted in vehicles.


  1. Insurance

The existing insurance are required by Portuguese law.
The insurance will not be activated if the participant (s) is (are) in a State of drunkenness, under the influence of narcotics, other drugs or toxic products not prescribed by a doctor.


  1. Use of Photographs and Image

Any client image captured during the activities of D´Loin – Animação Turística e Eventos, Lda can be used by the company, no cost and no duty payable to the client, in illustration of the company’s advertising and promotional materials such as catalogs, slides, posters, videos and the Internet.


  1. Taxes

Prices shown include IVA at the rate in force.