• Sale! Vista Alegre

    Tour Alegre

    The Vista Alegre Museum aims to show the history and development of porcelain production. Praia da Costa Nova is one of the most striking images of the Portuguese beaches.

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  • Sale! Santuário de Fátima

    Tour Fátima

    The sanctuary of Fátima is a place of pilgrimage, in memory of the event of the apparitions of our Lady to the three little shepherds.

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  • Sale! Serra da Freita

    Tour Magic Mountain

    Recognized by UNESCO as geological heritage of mankind, the Geopark Arouca, welcomes these Catwalks, on the left bank of the river Paiva.

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  • Pão

    Tour of Bread

    Bread route The route of the bread is an activity designed for the visitor, that search, the most genuine and traditional of our villages.

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  • Moinhos Regatinho

    Tour of the Mills

    In Albergaria-a-Velha, the mills predominate, located in small villages, they are fed by irrigation channels on the banks of streams and rivers.

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  • Rota do Pescado

    Tour Pescado

    Let's visit Natural park SÃO JACINTO, Praia da Torreira, the The COMUR and Bio Ria.

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  • Ponte - Poço de Santiago

    Tour Sever do Vouga

    Starting in place of  “a FOZ”, the Ecopista follows North in parallel with the river Vouga and EN16.

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